Garstang Covid Precautions

Submitted by prestonqmh on Thu, 29/10/2020 - 12:27

Garstang Local Quaker Meeting


It is planned to return to worship in the Meeting House (MH) again in October.  The Clerking team has been working on arrangements to make the MH safe.

We have done a risk assessment for the trustees and  the following rules apply to our MH.

1. We will mark which seats which are to be used, with 6 feet distancing. 
2. We will instigate a one way system, entering by the stable door, and leaving by the porch door. 
3. There will be Sanitiser on tables by the stable door, and in the porch, to use on arrival and departure. 
4. The kitchen will not be used at all and we will put chairs across the opening.
5. Friends will bring their own drinks.
6. At the end of worship we will stay in our places for Notices, news and chat. 
     If weather permits we can take the stacking chairs outside, well spaced.
7. We will leave the meeting room one at a time.
8. Back rests will be placed in the corridor and Friends, who ned one, can pick one up as they go in. 
9. If possible try not to use toilets, but if you need to there will be Sanitiser and wipes to use before you leave. 
10. Cleaning. We are asking our cleaner to come during the week prior to the MH opening. She will also clean after Tuesday every week
 to allow the 48 hours safety period. 
11. Books to be removed from the table, so Friends may want to bring their own QFP and Bible. 
12 The Library not to be used.
13 The bring and buy is a challenge. We know our Appeals are desperate for money. So we propose the following. The bring and buy table will be available but please do not touch any item you are not going to purchase. No cash is being taken at the moment so payments to be made by online banking to our account. Or you could send the money to the treasurer. If you are wanting to bring any items for the table, please leave them in the back store room so they can be left for 48 hours. 

Only one person at the table at a time. 

We hope to see you at the Meeting House.

From the Clerking Team